Special offer for representatives of the industrial sector


- Financing schedule – from 12 to 60 months

- Down payment from 30% of property value with VAT

- Currency Finance – UAH

Customer Profile

- Legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

- Small and medium business.

Advantages of leasing

- Object of lease booked on the balance sheet of the Lessee, it is depreciated.

- The Lessee receives a tax credit on the entire cost of the leased asset.

- No additional collateral required.Leasing interest and commissions belong to gross cost in full.

The following equipment is involved in the program:

- Stratasys F 450 – Scope of application: machine building, aviation, food industry, instrument making.

fortus 380mc

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- Objet 260 Connex3 – Scope of application: design, projecting, medicine
pp PJ Objet260Connex3b











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- Objet 30 Dental Prime – dentistry

pp PJ Objet30Prime

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- CMS  Antares K- Scope of application: machine building, transport industry.
20190917 160319

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