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The existent system of technological equipment maintenance and repairment hasn't been ready and adapted for the situation with COVID- 19 pandemic. Because of the current deficit of engineering personal in the industries, operators are forced to appeal to service companies more often. How do service companies should react to the customer’s request in terms of restricted movement and without any risk for personnel health? Mobile phone? Nowadays some technical issues may be solved by using a mobile phone connection, but this technology is limited: firstly you still need highly qualified staff for equipment repair, secondly, it’s highly difficult to perform complex work using only smartphones. 


Having been in such situation PROSTIR 3D company in short terms has developed and implemented solutions TELE-SERVICE for its customers. The solution is to use dedicated software in conjunction with augmented reality devices Smart Glasses. The solution is very simple: the operator of equipment from the customer's side is wearing smart glasses and following the commands of the service engineer. "I see - what you see, my hands - are your hands” conception is being used. In such a case service engineer can see on the Smart Glasses monitor what the operator sees, and can guide an operator through voice and graphic commands. Also an engineer could upload drawings, manuals, protocols using dedicated software – which are immediately would be seen by operators. Using TELE-SERVICE technology enables you to perform equipment diagnostics and repairment of any difficulties in terms of limited movement and without any risk for health.

TELE- SERVICE technology provides the opportunity for manufacturing companies not only do maintain service of their equipment by themselves but also can use this solution for stuff training, quality control, marketing events.

Webinar  on Tele- Service implementation will be held 15 of May 3 p.m Webinar  on Tele- Service 15 of May  2020 


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