Exhibition ARMS AND SECURITY 2019


During the 16th International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security - 2019", in Kyiv Prostir 3D  present technologies, equipment and materials from world manufacturers to Ukrainian military men, used in creating advanced samples of military equipment.

The main exhibit of the Prostir 3D booth is the new five-coordinate machining center Athena manufactured by CMS (Italy). The purpose of the machine is high-speed milling processing of hull and power parts of alloy metals and composites. The machine has an additive module for production of metal parts by 3D printing method of aluminum, copper, nickel. Athena Machining Center manufactured by CMS (Italy). Scope of Athena application is the aerospace, transportation and defense industries.



For the first time in Ukraine  presented LPM revolutionary production system from the company Stratasys, working on additive technology. The system is intended for mass production of aluminum and steel parts. It is a powerful technological line that will soon change the traditional technology of manufacturing parts in the engineering industry.

Prostir 3D booth will also showcase products made using 3D printing from Ultem and Antero on FORTUS 3D systems. These working parts are already being used in the production and modernization of military and civilian aircraft, spacecraft, rockets and other high-tech equipment by Ukrainian and foreign companies.

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