On July 25th, 2019, a working meeting of representatives of leading Ukrainian companies Yuzhnoye SDO, SE “KhMP “FED”, PJSC ELMIZ and SKDB LUCH with experts on the introduction of additive technologies in the military and aerospace industries was held at the European STRATASYS office in Baden-Baden.

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STRATASYS presented samples of products and technological equipment manufactured using additive technologies of high-tech modern thermoplastics and light-alloys. The participants of the meeting had an opportunity to see working process of all existing STRATASYS 3D additive systems as well as the processes of manufacturing of finished details.
It is no longer news that modern thermoplastics and composite materials are effectively replacing metals. Carrying frames, frame elements, strength members, brackets and more have long been made of these materials. And after the appearance of FDM technology, such things can also be obtained by 3D printing. At the workshop, STRATASYS presented its achievements in creating working and spare parts from Ultem and Antero materials on 3D FORTUS ( systems for military and civilian aircraft, spacecraft and rockets.
It should be noted that some Ukrainian enterprises already use STRATASYS equipment, have a positive implementation experience, and aim to expand the use of additive technologies in the production of serial models of rocket and space equipment (
Ukrainian specialists were first introduced to the revolutionary additive LPM  technology for mass production of aluminum and steel parts. It is a powerful technological line that will soon change the traditional technology of manufacturing parts in the machine-building industry.
Sample parts made using LPM  and FDM technologies will be presented at the Arms and Security Exhibition on October 8-11, 2019 at the PROSTIR 3D booth.

The latest additive technologies are rapidly entering our lives. Global studies predict that businesses that will not start implementing 3D technologies to create the end product by 2025 will no longer have any prospect of competing in the global market. That is why the future is being decided - to be or not to be.

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