LPM New Metal Printing Technology


We present a new technology of layered powder metallurgy - LPM. A cost-effective, efficient and reliable solution for 3D printing with metals, created using additive technology patented by STRATASYS.

The solution includes 3 stages; all work is carried out in a chamber with a non-inert environment.

Standard cheap powder is applied and distributed, forming the next layer.

Each new layer goes through a pressing phase, forming a thin pressed metal.

In the next stage, in one pass of the print head, the contours of the parts are applied.

These three stages are performed repeatedly in layers until the full volume of parts is formed.

The resulting package is subjected to cold isostatic pressing to increase the density of the metal to 99%. The wax removal process evaporates the printed circuits, making it easy to remove the part from the pack.

Special solution Stratasys, allows to automatically remove support material for several minutes, instead of hours during machining.


Finally, the parts are baked to achieve the desired mechanical properties


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